Track Days with the Porsche Owners Club and "Two Tools Racing" (12 min read)

Track Days with the Porsche Owners Club and "Two Tools Racing" (12 min read)

Article submitted by: Dave Buckholz   

   It had to start somewhere:  For “Two Tools Racing” of Newport Beach, California, it started as it does for many with a love of Porsche.  I bought my first in 2008, a 993 Cab.  

   It’s 2011, my eye catches an image of a street Porsche at-speed on the cover of a tri-fold flyer at the local auto shop: “Porsche Owners Club”.  It read, "A Porsche racing club, that provides instructor-lead performance driving on dedicated race tracks, with the opportunity for advancement to time trial and wheel to wheel racing."  It was a simple flyer, but the pictures and words spoke to me, so I made the call.  “Why don’t you just come out and try it”, said the club member, who had offered up his number on the back of the flyer. What I felt was nervous apprehension, but what I said was, “sure” … and that set the wheels in motion.  

   That first POC event was extraordinary!  It was at Auto Club Speedway, in Fontana.  I had recently parted with my 993 (regret) for a gorgeous white 997 Turbo, manual, and ceramic brakes. At the track, the car did all the work. I was the enthusiast with less-than-novice driving skills, while the Turbo was at home and totally in charge. The day eventually ended, and my take-away was immediate: I had to have more.

   I called my Uncle in Florida, and to his response,  “You did what? In a Turbo?!!”  “Are you OK? …is the car OK.?”   His advice was this:  “If you’re going to do more, get training, get a proper car, and put your first money into safety”.  My uncle was an SCCA GT1 Regional and National Champion, an NCCC Time Trails National Points Champion, and long-time track record holder at Nelson Ledges and Mid-Ohio. Needless to say, he had the credentials to guide me.  First order of business was to get some schooling.  A Google search helped me identify the soonest available program close to home.  During the winter months, Ford's “High Performance Driving School” , based at Miller Motorsports Park, runs their program at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway.  Bingo!  It was three weeks away and I was in!  The tracked prepped mustangs were impressive toys and the 2-day program confirmed my cravings – I had to have more.   

   Next up, find a proper replacement for the Turbo.  Another 993 would be questionable decision to most but the regret over losing my first 993 was overwhelming.  The precious air-cooled cargo arrived from New York where it had been meticulously cared for and regularly tracked at Watkins Glenn.  Except for the Recaro seats, Schroth 6 point harnesses, rear cage, rear seat factory delete and the Turbo spoiler, it was a stock ’96 coupe.   

   Over the next 7 years I participated in numerous POC events earning my Performance Driving Series license, Time Trials license, and Instructor license.  I served as an instructor for dozens of newbies, many of whome I now call friends. I volunteered countless hours as a POC Membership Representative and as Chairman.  Along the way I asked lots and lots of questions, and as I developed, so did my car.  The 993, now wearing #263 got seriously focused: KW Motorsport suspension, Targett Engineering and ERP components, RS clutch and lightweight flywheel, MOMO wheel, Rothsport quick release, RS 3.8 rear deck with 60” Crawford wing, TechArt pedals, Fister Stage 3 exhaust, additional front air intakes, extensive weight reduction and Nitto NT01’s completed the package.      

   The evolution of both driver and car has been serious fun.  But there was one constant that shaped my experience far more than any other – sharing the journey with my son and my brother.  By my side, at my first POC event was my son, Vanis.  He was 7, now 15.  Those early years together set the tone – it’s about having fun and keeping it real.  And in that spirit “Two Tools Racing” was born.  Soon after with his move to Newport Beach, my brother became my neighbor and joined the team!   

   Perhaps by being true to ourselves, the three of us have stumbled onto a less traditional blue print for the track day enthusiast.  No doubt the on-track adrenaline rush is, well, a massive adrenaline rush,  but the supporting elements are what make a Two Tools weekend special.  Enough paddock chairs for all our friends, – check.  Over-sized coolers loaded with enough frosty Monsters, delicious Smuckers Uncrustables, and sweet grapefruit cups for everyone, – always.  Scooters, beach cruisers, and skateboards for anyone who needs a ride, – of course.  Football, Frisbee, and Ping Pong tournaments for added entertainment, – sure! And as always, our signature sound track pumping in the paddock brings it all together: AC/DC, Metallica, System of a Down, Judas Priest, and Motorhead, plus some classic country mixed in!

   Like every year, 2018 is going to be a blast for Two Tools Racing.  However, unlike any other year – this one is going to be extra cool.   How so?  My son gets his drivers license and his POC membership card.  And he’s going to be participating in the POC Performance Drivers Series in his own car with me as his instructor.  His Porsche is a ’98 ultra-light, tracked prepped BSX Boxster #262 and it is incredible!

If you’re interested in learning more about the POC, Two Tools Racing, our Porsches, the race tracks or any of the fantastic local race shops – please hit me up anytime!   

I’m often asked what a POC track weekend is like.  The best answer I can give is the same one which was given to me many years ago – why don’t you just come out and try it!

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