Trackday Jamz

Trackday Jamz

   What is it about music that changes our mood? It helps us fall asleep, mellows us out, cheers us up, and helps make LA traffic less shittay..but most of all, it pumps us up! Catching a good song gives you that extra charge only Hulk would know about. For us track-dependent folk, a good song can be the difference between a mediocre lap and a "daayyyyum!" lap. Perhaps a little over the top, yes, but many of us find great energy, focus, and inspiration to dominate, simply from hearing a good tune.

   We asked some of our Instagram friends to offer up what they feel is their go-to song that pumps them up before hitting the track. Check out what they picked!

Oh by the way, if you have a Spotify account, we compiled all these songs into a playlist..Search "Trackday Jamz"...enjoy! (search: Trackday Jamz in the search field in Spotify) 

**OR follow link** Trackday Jamz - Monaco Racing, a playlist by halvez24 on Spotify


@amihoude71 – Atreyu “Becoming the Bull”

@albrechtracing – Asking Alexandria “A Prophecy” and/or G-Eazy “Random”

@cjwilsonphoto - Deadmau5 "City in Florida"

@socalr56 – Luis Fonsi “Despacito”

@jesse_iwuji – Breaking Benjamin “Lights Out”

@savannalittleracing – As Blood Runs Black “Angel City Gamble”  Quote: ”There’s a lot of songs that come to mind, but this one is when I really need to get my head in the game”

@snailperformancesallyQuote: “Anything by Reel Big Fish or other Ska!”

@devastator3300 – Sepultura “Meaningless Movements”  Quote: ”I am going with my trusty metal lol..That always pumps me up”

@dandan90ed – Muse “Time is Running Out”

@wilmotracing – Spencer Davis Group “Gimme Some Lovin”  Quote: “But I’d be lying if I said Taylor Swift “Shake it Off” has never been played over the radio on my out lap.”

@subtledriver – Ice Cube “It was a Good Day” , Slightly Stoopid “2am” , AC/DC “Back in Black”, Justice “Phantom pt. II” (soulwax remix)

@unlawful_eg2 – Steve Aoki “Turbulence”

@jaycee86 – TV on the Radio “Wolf Like Me”  Quote: “The one that always pumps me up when I’m driving and never fails!”

@illwillem – Little Richard “Long Tall Sally” Quote: ”I’d like to see my track sessions just like the scene in the Predator, where they’re flying in the Huey’s on the way to fuck shit up, and Long Tall Sally is playing on the stereo…Pretty much that.”

@kylekeenanracing – Chase & Status “Count on Me” Quote: ”When I was getting dressed for my first World Challenge race, this song came on, and it’s been my pump up song since!”

@restifo_racing – AC/DC “Riff Raff”  Quote: ”That song just has so much energy!”

@matthewparkracing – Hans Zimmer “Lost but Won”  Quote: ”Reminds me of the movie rush, with Lauda vs Hunt, and the dedication they each had to the sport, and the respect for one another.” 

@efraingarcia312 – Queen “Don’t Stop me Now”  Quote: ”I love the positive energy and the message of not being able to stop until you get to the top…Don’t stop, won’t quit!”

@slo88crx – The Wallflowers “One Headlight”

@skimboslice – Kataware Doki “Kimi no Na wa OST”

@time_attack_rsti – Deadmau5 “Ghosts n Stuff”

@nickc78_rivals – Avenged Sevenfold “This Means War”

@ruthlesstravii = Pennywise “Bro Hymn”

Editor's Choice - B-Real & Demrick - "Angels Come Calling" Quote: "Find your passion, grind hard, and be the best at it.."

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