Bell Racing M.8 Composite Auto Racing Helmet SA2015

Bell Racing M.8 Composite Auto Racing Helmet SA2015

  •    Snell SA2015 Homologation
  •    All-Purpose Helmet
  •    Traditional Bell Styling
  •    Lightweight Composite Shell
  •    High-Pressure Molding System for Improved Shell Strength
  •    Multi-Piece, Multi-Density High-Impact Custom Bead Absorbing Liner for Low and High Velocity Impact Protection
  •    Integrated Channels in the Face Piece Offer Multiple Options to Install Integrated Drinking Tube Systems and Radio Microphone Systems
  •    Black Comfort-Plus FR Interior Fabric for Durable Performance
  •    Multi Foam Density Standard Interior For Outstanding Fit
  •    Superior Ventilation System Includes Direct Flow Chin Bar Vents and Manual Level Air Intake Vents 
  •    Hollow Synthetic Rubber Gasket Seal Ensuring that Air, Water and Dirt Can’t Penetrate into the Helmet
  •    Large Size Eyeport
  •    SRV-8 3mm SRV Shield (SRV-1 Pivot System) – Clear Shield
  •    M6 Terminal Hardware for Head and Neck Restraint Device
  •    Draw String Helmet Bag Included
  •    Hex Wrench Included


For sizing, measure the circumference of your head (all the way around), starting just above the eyebrows, all the way to the widest part of the back of your head, and back to your eyebrows. 

Size Small - 57 cm

Size Med - 58-59 cm

Size Large - 60 cm

Size XL - 61+ cm

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